WI team land in Karachi to warm welcome


KARACHI  – 11-member squad of West Indian team has reached Karachi for the T20 series with Pakistan in National Stadium. The team was welcomed by the Minister of Sports, Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar who presented the whole squad with the traditional Sindhi ‘Ajrak’ and cap.

Karachi is hosting an international match after nine years today. The whole city is jubilant at the arrival of international cricket for which most of the roads and roundabouts have been decorated in exuberant colors.

On this occasion, Bux Khan Mahar expressed his gratitude to the West Indian team and all those who helped bring cricket back to Sindh and vowed to take the beloved game to interior Sindh as well.

Between Pakistan and West Indies, a series of three T20s will be played. The West Indian team has come to Pakistan after a lapse of 12 years.

Strict security arrangements have been made for the guests as well as the hosts. The match will start at 8pm P.S.T.



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