War not an option, Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi says about Indo-Pak relations


Veteran Indian actress Shabana Azmi feels that war between India and Pakistan should not happen.

“War is not an option. The relationship between the citizens of Pakistan and India needs to remain interactive.

The 67-year-old actress urged more student exchange and cultural exchange programmes as she believes they will help in understanding the people and their beliefs.

While turning to the medium of films, Azmi said through movies, a feeling of love can be generated among the people of India and Pakistan.

“More films should be made through which message of love and peace is imparted, and there should be a joint collaboration between the nations.”

In his last interview released last week, the late Om Puri who passed away in January last year spoke about the Pakistan-India partition.

The legendary actor stressed on the sacrifices both the countries have made since partition and urged people to remind themselves of the same.

He said, “When the partition happened, brothers thought that let one brother stay this side and other on the other side and this won’t change much as they can come anytime on each other’s side. But they never thought the situation would become so bad. So this partition was the partition of relationships, emotions, and feelings and it’s a really painful thing.”

“People have to reminded of this again and again — that we must live and let live as we have sacrificed a lot during the partition,” he added.



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