us ‘unfairly’ pinned blame on pakistan for very own failure in afghanistan: pm imran


Islamabad suffered extraordinary losses whilst it joined washington’s warfare on terror, and ultimately the usa still pinned the blame on pakistan for its own setbacks in afghanistan, high minister imran khan informed rt in an different interview.

pakistan took a extreme hit after becoming a member of the usa-led worldwide marketing campaign towards terrorism, khan discovered. earlier than that, islamabad had been schooling the mujahedeen combatants, who have been “funded by the american cia” to salary warfare in opposition to the soviet union in afghanistan in the Eighties. however as it became the usa’ turn to invade afghanistan, “those agencies grew to become against us,” he stated.

“we misplaced 70,000 people. we lost over $a hundred billion [from] the economy. and in the long run, we had been blamed for the people now not succeeding in afghanistan. i felt it became very unfair to pakistan,” imran khan stated.


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