UN’s Ban calls for Israeli probe after clashes kill four


UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Israel on Tuesday to conduct a full investigation of recent clashes in Jerusalem and the West Bank and criticized the demolition of Palestinian houses.

Ban said a “prompt and transparent” probe of the recent violence in which a 13-year-old was killed by Israeli soldiers would serve to determine “whether the use of force was proportional.”

More clashes erupted Tuesday, including in Bethlehem following the funeral of the teenage boy. Four Palestinians have died in recent days.

Ban said that the latest clashes were “yet another worrisome sign of violence potentially spiralling out of control.”

He added that demolishing Palestinian homes could “inflame tensions still further” after Israel destroyed two houses owned by Palestinians who allegedly attacked Israelis last year.

The UN chief called for “urgent action by both sides” to curb the violence including through security cooperation.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said earlier that he wanted to avoid an escalation amid fears that the clashes could trigger a new uprising.



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