Uber, Careem ‘illegal’ status being reviewed: Umar Saif



LAHORE (Web Desk) – Chairman of Punjab Information and Technology (IT) Board, Umar Saif has said that Uber, Careem, A-One and other online transport services are not yet held illegal as the government is reviewing the matter.

Saif has said that the notification of Transport Authority of Punjab was an internal memo and was released to the public before due time.


 Statement of the Cabinet Member of Punjab implies that crackdown on the android-taxi services is not official yet and there are matters to be reviewed.

However, Chairman of the board did say that the provincial authority wants to tax the foreign companies instead of registering them as non-regulated services.

He said that legislation framework to tax such companies would model on those maintained in Malaysia, Egypt and Indonesia. In these three countries, online taxi services are registered as network service providers.

Saif admitted that Pakistan’s transport structure was not up to the mark and mobile-based transport facilities mean a great deal in this regard. Besides, taking cutting burden off the roads, taxi services create employment opportunities, he said.

The Chairman of Punjab IT Board further said that the government wants to come up with a policy that adds to the growing economy as well as help people get jobs.



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