Top court served anti-Nawaz verdicts one after another, complains Maryam


FAISALABAD – Maryam Nawaz complained on Thursday that the top court served anti-Nawaz verdicts one after the other.

Daughter of ousted premier and former head of PML-N chief addressed a convention of social media workers of the party in Faisalabad and claimed in her speech that the people would avenge disgrace of their votes in General Elections 2018.

She alleged that Nawaz Sharif was first abused and then ousted from premiership.

Crowds pour in during Maryam Nawazs address in Faisalabad

Maryam alleged that five judges turned the entire judiciary of Pakistan into a political party. She rhetorically asked what the forces working against Nawaz Sharif could find in two months when they could not find any evidence to nab him for the past one and a half years.

She claimed that Nawaz Sharif was probably the only person in the world who was facing vengeance when nothing was ever proved against him.

She said that contempt of court notices could not be pursued in cases that are unjustly tried. There is going to be voices being raised against judiciary in case of unjust rulings, she added.

Maryam rhetorically asked wasn t there any law to nab those who disrespected votes of the people.

Maryam further alleged certain elements of having toppled Government of Balochistan before Senate elections 2018.

For the first time in Pakistan s history, Supreme Court (SC) ordered to lodge a case with accountability courts against a family, she asserted. The PML-N leader branded action against freshly elected senators holding dual nationality, another step to target ruling PML-N.

Maryam criticised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan by claiming that the lawmaker is such of an incompetent person that he  couldn t score a goal even when PML-N’s goalkeeper was removed .



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