The call Abdallah ‘worshipper of Allah’ existed in pre-Islamic duration


The name Abdallah, this means that “worshipper of Allah”, existed within the pre-Islamic period.

In an exciting thread on Twitter, epigraphist and philologist Ahmad Al-Jallad said epigraphic facts display that the name became in use many centuries earlier than Islam in northwestern Arabia and southern Levant — a huge place in the japanese Mediterranean.
Jallad said the name is written as ʿbdlhy and ʿbdlh within the Nabataean language and is found in northwest Arabia, the Sinai (Egyptian peninsula), and the Edom-Moab plateau (cutting-edge day Jordan).

Nabataeans were an historical Arabian folks that, from 312BC, formed an unbiased state with its capital at Petra, which now lies in Jordan. the dominion became allied with the Roman Empire from 63BC and included as a province of Arabia in 106AD.

“these texts can date among the 2nd century BCE (before common technology) and 3rd century CE (commonplace era),” the philologist wrote. “The spelling ʿbdlhy displays the preservation of the case vowel, so [ʕabdallāhi].”

He stated the name is likewise attested in Greek transcriptions in a Hellenized shape: Αβδαλλας /Abdallas/.

Jallad stated Abdallah is also located in Safaitic — a spread of the South Semitic script used by nomads of the basalt wilderness of southern Syria and northern Jordan to carve rock inscriptions in various dialects of old Arabic and historic North Arabian.

He brought that even though one should see the call being quite well attested within the pre-Islamic duration, it become geographically restrained to the Nabataean realm and adjacent areas.


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