Tharparkar: 15 more peacocks die of ‘Ranikhet’


THARPARKAR 181407_26571110 – At least fifteen more peacocks have died due to a contagious disease as the death toll has reached to 73 in two months in Tharparkar.


Wildlife Department sources told that three more peacock died of disease, locally known as ‘Ranikhet’ at village Sajai and Abri of Tehsil Deplo.


Local people blamed Wildlife Department for its inaction despite the epidemic viral disease ‘Ranikhet’ taking heavy toll of the unprotected peacocks.


Dozens of other peacocks are also suffering the same disease and it was feared that toll might rise further, if no immediate steps taken to overcome the problem.


Last year, Newcastle disease virus (NDV) killed more than 300 peacocks in different parts of Tharparkar.


According to a rough estimate, there are more than 40,000 wild peacocks in Tharparkar but their number is declining because of poaching and lack of effective conservation.



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