Terrorist killed in Pir Mahal was planning to target key govt buildings: sources


PIR MAHAL  – Investigators have revealed on Friday that terrorist Habibur Rehman who was killed during yesterday’s clash with police in Pir Mahal Tehsil, was planning a major attack on the important government buildings.

The militant initially used his wife as a human shield, but then set off the explosives when he was surrounded. Police seized four suicide vests, assault rifles, hand grenades, large quantity of explosives and maps of the government buildings during the action.

According to sources, Habibur Rehman had disappeared from the area six months back and returned two weeks ago. The information regarding his presence in the Housing Colony was revealed by his accomplice who was arrested after clash with police near Faisalabad’s D-Ground last month.

Investigation sources revealed that entire terrorist network was busted on a tip-off from the arrested suspect and nearly six facilitators have been arrested so far.



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