Tehmina Durrani questions why a medical board hasn’t been formed to examine Shehbaz


LAHORE : Tehmina Durrani, the wife of Shehbaz Sharif, has raised questions over the delay in formation of a medical board to examine the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president.

Recent blood test reports of Shehbaz indicated signs of cancer returning. Shehbaz, a cancer survivor, underwent further tests, including a CT scan, at Poly Clinic last month. In light of the reports, doctors recommended that he be kept in an open and clean space which receives sunlight and fresh air. They also proposed a larger medical board comprising cancer experts be formed to examine him.

Shehbaz is in custody of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) since October 5 in connection to the Ashiana Iqbal Housing Scheme case.

Durrani visited the former Punjab chief minister on Saturday, following which she expressed her reservations regarding her husband’s health. In a Twitter post, she questioned why a medical board had not been constituted yet to examine Shehbaz.

“My visit 2 @CMShehbaz today disturbed me. As he is a cancer survivor, pet scans & blood tests were regularly conducted by his Dr in Lon. The tests taken in islmbd showed some abnormal signs. A board of Drs was to be constituted to check them. That has still not happened. WHY?” she asked.

Shehbaz’s family is scheduled to meet him today at NAB Lahore office.



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