Sylvester Stallone to show ‘Rambo 5’ teaser at Cannes


PARIS (AFP) – Sylvester Stallone is to unveil teaser images of “Rambo 5” at the Cannes film festival this month, ahead of the movie s worldwide release later in the year, according to organisers.

Snippets of the film — whose full title is “Rambo V: Last Blood” — will be shown out of competition in a special May 24 career tribute to the 72-year-old American actor who made a name as an action hero in the 1980s.

“Sly” Stallone has already visited Cannes several times, notably in 2014 to promote “The Expendables 3” when he turned up with co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford atop armoured vehicles.

The title of the latest Rambo movie is a nod to the first one, 1982 s “Rambo: First Blood”, which introduced the musclebound survivalist Vietnam veteran to audiences — and kicked off a second lucrative franchise for Stallone alongside his “Rocky” films.

A restored version of that first movie will also be shown in the Cannes tribute.


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