Sixth census counts 10,418 transgender people in Pakistan


LAHORE – The early results of sixth national housing and population census has found 10,418 transgender people are living in Pakistan.

As many as 6,709 transgender people are recorded in Punjab while 2,527 are counted in Sindh. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is having 913 transgender people whereas 109 are present in Balochistan. Islamabad has 133 while FATA has 27 transgender people.

It was also found that transgender people hold 0.005 percent of the total population and their representation in urban areas is 75 percent and 26 percent in rural areas.

Pakistan’s population has surged by more than half to 207 million, according to provisional results of the first census in almost two decades released by the statistics board.

Once confirmed in the final report, Pakistan could be set to overtake Brazil as the world s fifth most populous country, according to statistics on the US Census Bureau website.

The provisional results published by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics showed an average annual growth of 2.4 percent since 1998, when the total population was put at 132.35 million.

The census was started on March 15 across the country.



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