Situation still uncertain after ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine



WEB DESK – After the ceasefire, peace still remains a fragile phenomenon in Eastern Ukraine as a wave of violations continued overnight.

The head of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) revealed that the ceasefire didn’t have the desired outcomes that his organization was hoping for.

General Lamberto Zannier who is the Secretary General of OSCE revealed at the United Nation headquarters that there are no signs of the withdrawal of the weapons even after the ceasefire treaty.

He warned that the crisis in and around the Ukraine would pursue to be a major source of tension and instability in Europe.

OSCE head also revealed to the Security Council that the organization was monitoring the ceasefire and are ready to observe the highly anticipated withdrawal of heavy weapons.

While speaking out against the violations of ceasefire, Zannier later told reporters at the United Nations that there had been a number of violations and that the impact on civilians in the affected areas have become even more severe.



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