SHC restrains ‘Sarwar Bhatti’ from making defamatory statements against ‘The Legend Of Maula Jatt’


(Web Desk) – In recent turn of events, it is has come to light that Bahoo Films Corporation had in fact six partners exposing the false singular ownership claim of Sarwar Bhatti for the rights of Maula Jatt 1979.

According to media reports, Sindh High Court (SHC) has restrained ‘Sarwar Bhatti’ from making defamatory statements against soon to be released ‘ The Legend Of Maula Jatt.’

Talking to an online publication the producer of the movie Ammara Hikmat stated.

‘Bahoo Corporation which was running a defamatory campaign against The Legend Of Maula Jatt, claiming there is a stay order on the film have been issued a stay order by Sindh High Court today. The producer of Maula Jatt — who was recently exposed by his partners legal heirs in Bahoo Corporation — didn’t refrain from spreading malicious and misleading news about legal status of TLOMJ even though Lahore High Court cleared that there is no stay order on Bilal Lashari’s film. Therefore a case was filed in the Sindh High Court, under it’s civil jurisdiction before Mr. Justice Junaid Ghaffa,’ she added.

Ammara Hikmat tweeted.

‘Sindh High Court has issued a stay order against the party that had been posing for the past 3 yrs as the rightful owner of MJ rights, i.e Mr. Bhatti and clan, restraining them from defaming #TheLegendOfMaulaJatt and its makers #MaulaJatt.’


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