SHC declares ban on ‘Maalik’ illegal


KARACHI -Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday termed ban on political-thriller film ‘Maalik’ as illegal.

SHC Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah reserved the verdict on the last hearing over the petition of film’s director and producer Asher Azeem.

Asher had challenged the ban in SHC.

On last hearing, defense lawyer Farogh Naseem argued that according to section 142 and 144 of the constitution federal legislature is prohibited from legislation on subjects coming under federation.

Additional Attorney General replied that they would have no grievances if objectionable scenes are omitted from the film.

He said that some abhorrent scenes were played in Punjab and other provinces while they were deleted in Sindh.

Asher Azeem took to twitter to announce the verdict and share his happiness.



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