Saving PM not a crime: Fazal-ur-Rehman


LAHORE – JUI-F leader, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rahman has said that every party reserves the right to decide its own political stance, however, there is no moral credibility left for sit-in anymore as the matter is now in court. He professed that it’s not a crime to save the prime minister.

JUI-F leader expressed this while talking to media in Lahore and elaborated that no one will be allowed to destabilise democracy no matter how much they yelled.

Fazal-ur-Rahman professed that Islamabad could not locked sown and the decision of Panama would be made in courts rather than roads.

JUI –F leader also exclaimed that there is no chance of Martial Law to be implemented inside the country. He also rejected any chances of bloodshed.

Fazal-ur- Rahman commented that the government is not afraid and establishing law and order has been their responsibility. However, he didn’t comment on government strategy in this regard.

JUI-F leader professed that it is court’s responsibility to decide whether Nawaz Sharif fulfils article 62 and 63 of the constitution.

He also let it be known that Raheel Sharif is the commander of our army and his extension is on Nawaz Sharif’s will.



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