Saudi Arabia has determined to host US troops: Saudi defenece ministry


RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has decided to host US troops in a joint circulate with Washington to boost local protection, the dominion´s defence ministry stated, as tensions jump inside the Gulf.

“based on mutual cooperation among Saudi Arabia and the usa of the united states, and their preference to beautify everything that might keep the safety of the location and its stability… King Salman gave his approval to host American forces,” a ministry spokesman changed into quoted by Saudi state news employer SPA as announcing.

Saudi Arabia has no longer hosted US forces when you consider that 2003 once they withdrew following the quit of the battle with Iraq.

the usa presence in Saudi Arabia lasted 12 years, starting with Operation desert typhoon in 1991, when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

As many as two hundred US aircraft had been stationed on the Prince Sultan air base located round 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of the capital at the height of the Iraq warfare, and as many as 2,seven-hundred missions an afternoon have been treated with the aid of the headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

however relations between the 2 international locations were no longer constantly easy throughout the 12 years of cooperation, in particular following the 11th of September, 2001 attacks in the big apple which have been orchestrated with the aid of Saudi-born al-Qaeda chief Osama bin laden.

Tensions in the Gulf expanded further on Friday as Iran said it had confiscated a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz and as US President Donald Trump insisted that the united states army had downed an Iranian drone that turned into threatening a US naval vessel, despite denials from Tehran.


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