PTI ready to lead rally from Peshawar to Attack today


PESHAWAR  – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is all set to hold anti-government Ehtesaab rally from Peshawar to Attock today (Sunday).

The rally would be led by PTI chief Imran Khan who has also invited the Pakistanis to join the movement. The preparations for the campaign have been completed while passionate workers have also pledged support with their leader.

Imran Khan had also inspected the Ehtesaab container in Peshawar and addressed the activists.

He declared the rally as important and said that the protest would be ended in Raiwind.

He said under this Tehreek, national institutions including National Accountability Bureau, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and judiciary would be urged to bring the powerful under rule of law.

He also demanded to detention the crooks for the improvement in political system of Pakistan.

PTI has also arranged welcome stalls at the routes of the rally to motivate the participants while Imran Khan would talk to the people at different points.



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