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Monday, January 20, 2020
Home Business Power tariff scaled up by Rs1.25 per unit

Power tariff scaled up by Rs1.25 per unit


The National Electric Power Regularity Authority (NEPRA) has given the approval to increase power tariff by Rs1.25 per unit.

The Central Power Purchasing Company (CPPA) had sent a summary seeking hike in power tariff to which NAPRA has given the approval.

The approval of increase in power tariff has been accorded under the head of fuel adjustment for the month of May but this increase will cost a burden of Rs 15 billion to consumers.

A hearing of the case of fuel price adjustment of May was held in NEPRA on Wednesday.

NEPRA was briefed during the hearing that the cost of reference fuel remained Rs 5.29 in May while electricity was produced at the cost of Rs12.47 per unit.

It was further told in the briefing that more than 19 percent electricity was generated from costly furnace oil.

Petition was filed seeking increase in the power tariff by Rs1.32 per unit however NEPRA has only approved to increase the power tariff by Rs1.25 per unit.




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