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PML-N committed to restore lost glory of Karachi: Nawaz

Talking to party workers, he maintained that they previously eliminated unrest in Karachi.

KARACHI (APP) – Time is fast changing in the country and people are getting increasingly conscious about the sanctity of their mandate, said former Prime Minister and President, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), Muhammad Nawaz Sharif here on Thursday.

Addressing the provincial executive committee members of PML-N, Sindh, he said his party firmly believes in serving the people of the country without any distinction hence it was no surprise to witness its growing popularity among the people in general.

He on the occasion also reaffirmed PML-N’s commitment to restore the lost glory of Karachi on sustainable grounds and claimed that absolute commitment towards the cause has already brought about marked improvement in the port city’s law and order situation.

“The difference is evident through the hustle bustle currently registered as compared to what it was in 2013,” said the PML-N chief.

Mentioning that some five years ago violence alongwith terrorism cum crime related incidents were at their peak in Karachi, he said PML-N leadership soon assuming the power in 2013 took upon itself to address the situation on sustainable grounds.

“All stakeholders were taken on board during a meeting held at Sindh Governor House in September 2013 leading to a consensus decision regarding restoration of peace in the metropolis,” he reminded.

Reiterating that prudence adopted by political leadership, at federal and provincial levels, has helped the citizens in general to come out of the sphere of fear, Nawaz Sharif said it was incumbent upon provincial authorities to ensure a healthy environment for the Karachiites.

Emphasizing that every city of the country was dear to him, he said it was extremely painful to register persistent water scarcity in cosmopolitan city like Karachi also exposed to severe challenges as inadequate disposal of garbage, poor sanitation and so-forth, all at the cost of public health.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on the occasion also took exception to the prevalent scenario in KPK where he alleged the ruling party has not been able to deliver to the masses.

“It was PML-N that during its current tenure built Hazara Motorway in KPK besides connecting people from Karachi to Peshawar through an under construction highway via Islamabad,” he said.

Referring to recently inaugurated Lyari Expressway in Karachi, the PML-N president said his party’s vision is connecting people of the country besides facilitating their mobility prerequisite for their socio-economic well being.



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