Perween Rahman murder: ATC reserves verdict on accused’s bail petition


KARACHI :- An anti-terrorism court on Tuesday reserved its verdict on the bail petition of Azam Swati — one of the accused persons in the Perween Rahman murder case.

Rahman, who was the Director of the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) was gunned down by four men in a targeted attack near the Banaras fly-over in Orangi Town in March 2013. She was a vocal activist working against the land and water mafia in the city.

Swati, who was arrested from Mansehra, was presented in court as the hearing went under way today.

Reserving the verdict on Swati’s bail petition, the judge said it will be announced on August 3.

The court has declared absconders Noor Muhammad and Ahsanuddin, who are also accused of Rahman’s murder.

The hearing was then adjourned till August 10.

Perween Rahman murder case

Rahman was a vocal activist working to protect low-income communities from the land and water mafia.

A day after her killing, police claimed to have killed the alleged suspect, Qari Bilal, in an encounter.

Later, in 2014, the Supreme Court ordered a fresh probe after it was alleged that police mishandled the investigation.

In 2016, the Sindh Police claimed to have arrested prime suspect in the case, Swati. The police have since claimed to have arrested several more suspects in the case.

Rahman’s family and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan had petitioned the apex court to help ascertain the real motive of the killing and police negligence.



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