People fed up of public transport buy motorbikes worth Rs 38 billion in seven months



LAHORE  – People who are fed up of public transport have bought record 9 lac and 33 thousand motorbikes in last seven months.

It has been disclosed that the sold bikes are worth 38 million rupees. The reason of this huge rise in the sales of motorcycles is supposed to be poor condition of public transport. People have to wait very long for buses that are in bad condition, and always overloaded. Moreover, the transport mafia keeps on increasing the fares as well.

In these circumstances, people chose to buy their own vehicles to get rid of this public transport problem and starting buying their own bikes.

According to the figures, the sale of bikes between July and January has increased by 21 percent, and gone to 9 lac and 33 thousand as compared to last year’s 7 lac and 70 thousand during the same tenure.

Owing to increasing requirement of motorbikes, local as well as foreign companies have jumped into the market and are earning large profits. These manufacturers have even started making bikes for women.



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