Pathankot attack: Indian authorities give clean chit to suspected Gurdaspur SP


NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – Superintendent of Police (SP) Gurdaspur Salwinder Singh, suspected of being involved in Pathankot attack, was given a clean chit by the investigating authorities after no proof was found against him.

According to Indian media, no charges were proven against the SP after several rounds of questioning and lie-detector test conducted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Contradictory statements by SP Salwinder Singh, the central eyewitness of Pathankot airbase attack, landed him into trouble as he was declared suspicious by the Indian intelligence and taken into custody.

Salwinder Singh alogwith his cook and friend Rajesh Varma were allegedly abducted by the attackers of the airbase, and were then released later unconditionally.

Initially, Singh stated that his eyes were closed due to which he could not see the attackers. Having said that, Singh however later claimed that there were five attackers and even identified without seeing that they were Pakistani.

According to Singh, the attackers were communicating in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu but on the other hand he claimed that he could not understand what the attackers were actually saying.

Indian intelligence was in a bid to investigate why Singh was not with the rest of his officers and what was he doing near the airbase at a time when nobody is normally seen at that place.

On January 2, Singh’s stolen car was used in the attack on Pathankot airbase. The terrorists carried out a 80-hour long terror strike at the Indian airforce base in which atleast seven security personnel and four terrorists were killed.



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