Pakistani-Americans hopeful of Hillary’s win in presidential election


WASHINGTON – Pakistani-Americans are determined to make their vote count in the US presidential election.

Majority of Pakistanis residing in United States staunchly supports Hillary Clinton for the next president and oppose Trump which is mainly due to his call to ban immigration by Muslims.

The Pakistanis consider Hillary as a better candidate than Donald Trump and say that her policies for Muslims will be beneficial.

“She has more experience and is the best president so I request Pakistani community to vote for Hillary,” said one Pakistani.

On the other hand, Pakistani female voters also favoured Hillary for the US president.

“From his past incidents with women, Trump seems to have a lose character whereas Hillary is the best choice,” said a woman.

The Pakistani community is hopeful and prays for Hillary’s win in the elections.

American presidential election falls this year on November 8. The quadrennial exercise always takes place on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, as spelled out in the US Constitution.



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