Pakistan should apprise US that era of ‘do more’ has perished


Pakistan would take measures that are in accordance with its national interest.
LAHORE – While shedding his thoughts on action against Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), senior journalist and analyst Salman Ghani narrated that public sentiments have augmented against India in backdrop of Hafiz Saeed’s house arrest.

Though, state machinery has generated perception that motives behind Saeed’s house arrest is to dodge future complications but fact states that international community has beefed up pressure on Islamabad on JuD related matters.

It may be kept in mind that federal and provincial governments have admitted on many forums that no evidence has been found which can prove Saeed’s involvement in any illegal, unconstitutional, extremist or terrorist activity.

Questions like impact of Saeed’s house arrest on Kashmir freedom movement, view of political and public representatives on recent happenings and likely effect of this move on public sentiments against Modi’s regime is being pondered at different platforms.

As mounting pressure from Washington foreshadows new challenges, it is right time for Pakistani strategist planners to apprise Trump’s administration that era of ‘do more’ has perished and Pakistan would take measures that are in accordance with its national interest.

Pakistan’s 70 years history narrates that nobody can compromise on Kashmir dispute owing to intense emotional attachment of nation with Kashmiris.

Massive protest is being anticipated on February 5 amidst current scenario, the day which Pakistan marks as Kashmir solidarity day.

Therefore, Nawaz’s regime should adopt tunnel vision to counter new challenges and rapid changes in region as this is only way to fortify national interest and to gain fruitful outcomes from Kashmir freedom movement.



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