Pakistan observes Air force Day to pay tribute to martyrs of PAF


The Pakistan Air force (PAF) on Saturday, September 7, observes its 54th Air force Day across the united states to pay homage to the martyrs of the PAF for sacrificing their lives in defence of the united states at some stage in the Indo-Pak battle in 1965.

PAF flying ace Muhammad Mahmood Alam had shot down 5 Indian Air force (IAF) fighter jets in less than 60 seconds.

Ceremonies have been held on the tombs of Rashid Minhas and MM Alam in Karachi. A smartly became-out contingent of cadets provided protect of honour, on the tombs of Rashid Minhas and MM Alam all through ceremonies held in Karachi.

With traditional fervour, unique prayers have been provided for the martyred souls at all PAF bases and installations.

Air-Vice Marshal Ghulam Abbas Ghuman presided over the ceremony as the special guest. He laid a floral wreath and offered prayers at the tombs of veteran officer Rashid Minhas.

on the vital occasion of the day, Air-Vice Marshal Ghuman, in his speak to the media, recalled that once the infamous Pulwama incident, India had attempted to release aggression against Pakistan; but the PAF gave befitting reaction to the IAF.

“Rashid Minhas’ sacrifice for the country is steerage for us […] PAF will by no means disappoint the country whilst the time comes,” he stated.

Air pressure Day’s principal ceremony can be held in Islamabad at the PAF Headquarters, in which Air leader Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan will address the nation with remembrance of veteran officials for rendering matchless sacrifices for the country.

With simply days in the warfare of 1965, PAF fighters had shot down 50 Indian aircrafts.


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