Outrage as trump brands mainly-black baltimore ‘infested mess’


US president donald trump become hit with new accusations of racism saturday after he attacked a distinguished african-american lawmaker and branded most people black metropolis of baltimore an “infested mess.”

trump’s outburst came in a chain of sharply worded tweets aimed at democratic representative elijah cummings — a excessive-profile critic of trump’s administration whose district covers a great deal of baltimore.

“cumming (sic) district is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess,” the president wrote, calling it “the worst run and most dangerous everywhere inside the america.”

“no man or women could need to live there,” he said — in an attack ostensibly provoked via cummings’ grievance of the tough situations going through might-be asylum seekers at america-mexico border.

the morning diatribe ignited a hurricane of criticism, much less than weeks after the house of representatives condemned trump for “racist” comments focused on four first-term democratic congresswomen who’re ethnic minorities.

the pinnacle democrat in congress, nancy pelosi, accused trump of a “racist” attack on a “champion… of civil rights and monetary justice, a beloved leader in baltimore, and deeply valued colleague.”

“we all reject racist attacks towards him,” wrote pelosi — who was born in baltimore and whose father served as mayor of the town.

former vice president joe biden — the democratic frontrunner to assignment trump in 2020 — called out the president directly on twitter.

“it is despicable in an effort to attack him and the people of baltimore this way,” biden wrote. “once more you have proved yourself undeserving to keep the office. a president is supposed to raise this state up. now not tear it down.”

there was similar condemnation from 1/2 a dozen white house applicants such as cory booker, who tweeted footage of a black cnn anchor and baltimore native who broke down on air whilst reacting to the attack on his place of birth.

“this is painful. that is a ethical, defining second in the usa,” wrote booker. “silence is poisonous complicity.”


democratic 2020 contender kamala harris, who like booker is black, said she became “proud” to have her marketing campaign headquarters in cummings’ district and known as trump’s assault “disgraceful.”

the town’s democratic mayor bernard “jack” young — additionally black — rejected trump’s rhetoric, calling it “hurtful and threatening.”

“it was a complete insult,” he told reporters. “we’re no longer going to disregard all and sundry degrading baltimore city and its powerful management, nobody.”

the editorial board of the metropolis’s newspaper, the baltimore solar, took an instantaneous swipe at trump in a scathing column which concluded that it is “better to have some rats than to be one.”

a historical port metropolis of 600,000 humans, baltimore provides a combined picture, with both handsome and affluent neighborhoods and poverty-bothered districts. it has one of the country’s highest homicide fees.

cummings’ district is more than 50 percent black — and the city of baltimore as a whole, extra than 60 percentage.

cummings himself tweeted: “mr. president, i go domestic to my district day by day. each morning, i wake up, and i cross and fight for my acquaintances. it’s miles my constitutional obligation to behavior oversight of the executive branch. however it is my ethical obligation to fight for my constituents.”

as chairman of the residence oversight committee, cummings — one of the maximum prominent african people in congress — has launched investigations into trump administration rules, including reports of negative treatment at migrant detention centers.

“rep. elijah cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming on the incredible men & girls of border patrol approximately conditions on the southern border, when absolutely his baltimore district is a long way worse and more risky,” trump charged.

he attacked cummings again saturday night after spending the day at trump countrywide golfing club outdoor washington.

“elijah cummings spends all of his time looking to harm harmless humans through ‘oversight.’ he does not anything for his very negative, very risky and very badly run district!,” the president tweeted, adding the hashtag #blacksfortrump2020.

the broadside become harking back to trump’s current, racially charged onslaught in opposition to 4 younger democratic ladies lawmakers, who he said ought to “move lower back” to the “crime infested” places they got here from. in reality, 3 have been born within the us and all are american residents.

trump denies accusations of racism — and has made a factor of pushing for the release people rapper a$ap rocky, held in sweden on assault fees, in an apparent effort to reduce his unpopularity with black voters.

but his calculated targeting of the “squad” — because the four are recognised — was broadly seen as a bid to provoke his typically white electoral base as he gears up for next yr’s reelection war.


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