Newborn kidnapped from Faisalabad hospital yesterday recovered, couple arrested


FAISALABAD: A newborn baby who was kidnapped from Allied Hospital here in the city a day earlier was recovered Monday night, authorities confirmed, adding that it had been handed over to its parents.

Police noted that two suspects, including one woman, were arrested in the kidnapping case, and that they were apprehended with the help of the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the incident.

The arrested couple had kidnapped the baby with the intention to sell it, police mentioned, adding that the newborn was recovered from the nearby Malkhanwala village.

According to reports from other local media outlets earlier in the day, the mother had given birth to the baby last week and it was kidnapped by the woman, who was posing as a member of the hospital staff and has now been arrested.

The kidnapper had reportedly taken the newborn, citing vaccination as her reason, and disappeared.

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