Monetary 12 months 2018-19: Rupee witnessed huge devaluation in opposition to US dollar


KARACHI :– Throughout the outgoing financial 12 months, the price of the rupee persisted to weaken against the united states dollar, which in turn accelerated inflation and overseas debt by using billions of rupees.

except, due to the growth in alternate deficit, the monetary year 2018-19 witnessed widespread rupee depreciation.

at the stop of the economic yr 2017-18, the dollar become around Rs124 against the rupee in comparison to Rs154, the very best in the monetary yr 2018-19.

so far for the duration of this monetary year, the rupee has lost approximately 22.3pc of its price falling inside the interbank market, and consequently the nation’s external debts have soared with the aid of Rs2,000 billion.

To recover the value of the rupee, the authorities will want to formulate and put in force powerful measures, in particular for the reduction of imports and the increase in exports whilst announcing the price range for the upcoming financial yr 2019-20.


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