Modi’s ‘wrong no.s’ after Aamir Khan, surround star’s house


MUMBAI:– Statement against extremism costs Indian Bollywood star Aamir Khan dearly as all the ‘wrong no.s’ of Modi government are now after him and surrounded his house in Mumbai on Tuesday. However, most of the demonstrators were arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which Aamir had supported during the general election held in the country in 2014, came forward in Muslim star’s favour, reported Dunya News.

Showing mirror to the extremist Hindus has cost Aamir dearly. According to details, Aamir Khan had stated on Monday that he was alarmed at the growing communal tensions in the country and his wife was worried about children’s security. He said that his wife had suggested him to leave India.

This statement angered the extremists so much that they came out on roads, protesting against Aamir Khan’s harmless statement, and surrounded his house. Police arrested most of the demonstrators.

In Patna, extremist Hindus burnt Aamir Khan’s posters and dummies, raising slogans against the ‘PK’ hero.

And how could the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stay behind in such an hour of relative controversy. All of a sudden there were calls for Aamir Khan to leave India, as expected, and said that India’s name was being tarnished before the world.

On the other hand, AAP and Congress supported Aamir Khan’s statements. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that Modi government should try resolving the issue instead of targeting Aamir Khan.



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