Mangla power plant’s unit encounters fault, parts of Punjab face outages


ISLAMABAD – Unit of Mangla power plant in early Friday hours encountered a technical fault leading to power outages in different cities.

Multan, Lahore and other cities are facing prolonged outages owing to the issue. Reportedly, main transmission line is shut.

Earlier on January 4, Federal Minister for Water and Electricity Khawaja Asif submitted a letter in National Assembly (NA) in which he admitted that load shedding could not be controlled before 2018.

Reportedly, all distribution companies including Lesco, Gepco and others are shutting down feeders with the passage of time. Sources privy to the Mangla plant s administration, at least four hours are reuired to fix the technical fault.

At least 70 percent areas of Faisalabad have no power supply.

The ministry accepted in the written statement that the government could not get rid of outages until 2018. The minister stated that 14 out of 43 Independent Power Producers (IPP) are not working while 21 projects are producing less than 50 percent electricity.

Asif stated that only 3 power projects are producing 90 percent electricity. It was also mentioned in the letter that the quantum of electricity to be added to the national grid during the government’s tenure is approximately 18,034 Mega Watt (MW) while the expected demand at that time would be 25,790 MW.

The figures show that even in 2018, Pakistan will have a short fall of 7,000 MW.

On the other hand, Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has time and again vowed to curb energy crisis within the government’s tenure.



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