LEAs’ officials decide on arresting Uzair Baloch’s partners


KARACHI – A meeting held late Tuesday night of top officials of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) have decided on arresting Uzair Baloch’s close partners. A decision to contact Interpol to apprehend those perpetrators that have fled the country was also made during the high level meeting.

According to the details, a decision to arrest Baloch’s close aides including Ustad Taju, Ghaffar Zakri, Sheraz Zakri, Wasi Lakho, Umer Khuchi, Shakeel Badshah Khan, Zahid Ladla, Faisal Pathan, Sardar Asif alias Mithal, Gulabo and Sajid Golimar was made during the meeting.

In addition to these, Jameel Changa, Saleem Chocolaty, Saeed Kajal, Mullah Sohail, Mullah Nisar, Agha Shaukat Irani, Sheraz Comrade, Sunny, Shakeel Khan will also be taken into custody.

A decision to announce a prize of Rs. 50 lac for anyone aiding in the arrest of the fled suspects was also discussed during the meeting.



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