Lahore rape case: Missing part of CCTV footage released



LAHORE: The Lahore police has released the missing part of the CCTV footage of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, which shows the main accused in the rape case of a five-year-old girl, a senior officer with the investigating team told The Express Tribune.
A girl was raped and found outside the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, on Friday.
A few minutes of the closed-circuit video released to the media earlier showed two men, separately and at different times, carrying the child outside the hospital. The police concluded that the man in the video who had first dropped off the child outside the Medical Superintendent’s office is the main accused.
On Wednesday, the Superintendent Police said that the earlier footage showed the child with the men before and after the incident. The video during those times shows a woman named Zohra Bibi taking the victim to the children’s ward. The security guard, seen in the later part of the footage released earlier, took the victim to the police post and then to the main emergency ward.
Zohra Bibi, who was there to get her own daughter treated at the hospital, had found the unattended but conscious girl outside and had brought her in.
The girl, though able to walk on her own, can be seen holding her head, which was a sign that she was dizzy, said the S P. “We concluded that she felt a little fainted,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Lahore police are still waiting for the DNA results to reach a conclusion in the investigation of the rape case.



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