Lahore: continuous rain for past several hours irks citizens


LAHORE  – The continuous rain in various parts of Lahore for past several hours has irked citizens as low lying areas turn into streams and water floods the buildings.

At least 8 people are injured in various accidents including roof collapse in various cities. The rain that started in Lahore last night continued on Tuesday.

The flooding of various areas of Lahore including the traditional Lakshami Chowk shut down various vehicles causing long traffic jams.

According to details, 125 millimeter rain was recorded at Lahore airport, 88 at Garhi Shahu area, 75 at Railway Station, 92 at Dharampura, 85 at Mall Road, 92 at Saddar Roundabout area, 88 at Ferozepur Road while 98 mm was recorded in Defence area.



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