Lahore becomes Venice: Administration sleeps as CM out of country


LAHORE:  – Rain in Lahore on Tuesday made the streets, markets and metro underpasses look like streams and lakes of water as the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is not in town and the administration did not at all look like working in his absence,

According to the details, there was heavy rain in Lahore on Tuesday morning. The administration might have been working in the presence of CM Shahbaz but since he is not in the city, the administration also seems to be enjoying their Eid vacation.

Water was drained off from Model Town and the CM’s residence in the area almost immediately but the adjacent areas and Ferozpur Road portrayed an entirely different picture.

Citizens kept cursing the administration but bureaucracy seemed to sleeping at home. The situation is still the same and many places are still under water despite lapse of several hours.



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