Kesha remains bound with Sony as Twitter trends #FreeKesha


LAHORE (Web Desk) – Singing sensation and music diva Kesha remains bound with Sony as a New York Supreme Court Judge on Friday denied her release from the company’s contract. Kesha broke down in tears upon hearing the verdict. The singer has been trying to win a legal battle against her producer Lukasz Gottwald, whom she has accused of sexual assault. Her fans have started a petition and trend on Twitter, calling for the release of the singer from her contract so she doesn’t has to work with her alleged abuser.Kesha had earlier accused Gottswald of abusing her verbally, emotionally, physically and sexually for almost 10 years. Her accusations included executives of Sony, who she says turned a blind eye to the abuse being inflicted on her and did not investigate nor even took a single step for resolving the issue.

Gottswald, on the hand, denied all allegations saying that the singer was merely trying to break her contract with Production Company and has filed a countersuit against her.

The singer, songwriter is not allowed to make more music unless she works with Gottswald’s Kemosabe Records, which is a part of Sony.

Meanwhile the diva’s fans were outraged upon hearing the verdict and took to social media websites to express their anger and to show solidarity with the singer. The artist’s loyal fan base has criticized it as discrimination against women and says the move undermines the seriousness of sexual assault cases and incidents of work-related sexual harassment. The singer’s supporters protested against the move both on the streets and on social media.Kesha has not released anymore music since her last hit song ‘Timber’ with musical artist PitBull in 2013.

The music star expressed her gratitude to her fans and thanked them for their support saying:

“Every one of you who has sent me sweet messages thoughts or energy, I am so grateful.”



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