kashmir dispute ‘a nuclear flashpoint’; world desires to put effort for decision: ISPR


Following crucial examination of the modern-day intense scenario in occupied kashmir by way of the 8-member kashmir committee chaired by way of foreign minister shah mehmood qureshi on saturday, the minister held a joint press convention with inter-services public family members (ispr) director preferred maj gen asif ghafoor.

mr qureshi stated that it changed into the first assembly of the committee and all contributors, along with representatives from the competition had recommend their opinion for proceeding with the kashmir dispute.

“the kashmir struggle has been raised at the best diplomatic discussion board after five decades,” he said, adding that the whole kingdom was united on the problem.

“the parliament approved unanimous decision at a joint session […] that is a protracted combat and we must combat at every the front.”

the minister stated that indian top minister narendra modi had buried congress leader nehru’s india.

meanwhile, maj gen asif ghafoor reiterated that the defense force of pakistan with the help of whole state had been equipped to reply to any act [of aggression] by using india.

“pakistan military is completely prepared to confront each misadventure via india […] india’s provocation maintains throughout the road of manage.”

dg ispr revealed that indian squaddies were deployed at every nook and nook in the valley and the world has been keenly staring at human rights’ abuses by using the career forces.

“at gift degree, the biggest problem in jammu and kashmir is set human rights’ violations […] the entire region has been changed into a jail,” maj gen asif ghafoor noted.

“by using staging a false flag operation, india can take any action alongside the loc; but pakistan armed forces might reply correctly,” he said at the same time as refuting impression that pakistan has been escalating tensions alongside the loc.

he advised the worldwide network to place more efforts for resolution of the dispute that is a nuclear flashpoint among arch rivals pakistan and india.


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