Irregularities of more than Rs40 bn exposed in pension payment process: report


ISLAMABAD – An embezzlement of more than Rs40 billion has been revealed in pension payment process of National Bank and General Post Office (GPO).

According to special report of Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP), irregularity of Rs35 billion was surfaced during payments of pensions at National Bank whereas a corruption of Rs5 billion was also exposed in GPO.

It was disclosed that Rs65 crore was embezzled while Rs25 crore was additionally paid. Dual payments of Rs25 crore were done on one identity card while GPO Peshawar also paid Rs93 lac in the name of deceased people.

However, National Bank in Muzaffargarh did payments on fake vouchers whereas double and triple payments were also done.

Moreover, GPO also carried out Rs25 crore payments without pension cards.



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