Indian Muslim children bullied in schools for their religious identity


NEW DELHI : – A recently published book in India explores the challenges and discrimination faced by the Muslim children in the schools over their religious identity.

‘Mothering a Muslim’ by Nazia Erum shows the ugly side of the neighbouring country where children are harassed at schools on the basis of their religion.

The writer says that Muslim children undergo exploitation and harassment when asked abhorrent questions. According to the book, the children aged 5-6 years are bullied by saying or asking:

Does your father makes bomb at home?

Are you Taliban?

Don’t bother him or he will conduct a suicide blast.

The writer says that the Muslim children are targeted even in class, playground and even in the school bus. They are also isolated from the other children.

Erum writes that parents are worried about their children as Islamophobia is sinking deeper into the psyche of the Indian people. They forbid the children from arguing with others and advise them to conceal their identity.

Erum reveals that when she became a mother in 2014, she was afraid to give a Muslim name ‘Mahira’ to her daughter.

She maintains that hatred against the Muslims have increased extensively in the country after the Babri mosque incident.



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