India fails to clear Pathankot airbase even after 72 hours


PATHANKOT – India, the world’s third military force, has failed to clear Pathankot airbase of terrorists even after 72 hours,

Reportedly, it is now confirmed that at least 5 terrorists are killed and there are one or two more still at large, more than 72 hours after the airbase siege.

A handful of terrorists attacked the Pathankot airbase on Saturday morning and it’s been more than 72 hours since the operation launched by the Indian army and the airbase has still not been cleared.

The Indian media has claimed that Modi-led government is likely to delay Foreign Secretary level talks with Pakistan.

According to Indian media, the future of Pakistan-India talks after the Pathankot airbase attack seems grim as Indian government has started considering postponing the talks. Indian media claims that Pathankot issue will be raised before talks with Pakistan.

On the other hand, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that saying anything about Pak-India talks right now would be premature. Briefing the media after national security meeting, Indian Finance Minister said that the operation against the terrorists involved in Pathankot airbase is still going on and nothing can be said about the identity of the terrorists as yet. He said that the terrorists carried explosives with them but all assets are safe.



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