Imran Khan rejects allegations, criticizes PML-N leaders during address


LAHORE  – Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf’s (PTI) chairman Imran Khan rejected the allegations hurled against him while criticizing Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PML-N) leadership during his address to supporters in Qurtaba Chowk as the campaigns for NA-122 by-elections neared the end. Khan challenged PML-N’s leader and Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif for a debate.

During the address, Khan assured PTI supporters of a victory and advised them to stop riggings during the election. He then replied to the accusations made by PML-N leaders against him of being a traitor and taking aid from Jews. Khan rejected the allegations saying that all that he had earned was through cricket and he will not flee the country during any crisis. He also stated that an audit is conducted of the money taken from the public. He also addressed the matter of funds distribution for political parties and mentioned Khalid Khawaja.

Khan then leveled accusations against PML-N leaders and demanded an explanation about PML-N’s funds for the electoral campaigns as well. He demanded that the PML-N leadership swear by the Holy Quran that they had not taken any aid from the Gulf countries.

Khan called PTI’s candidate Aleem Khan as a secret weapon. Khan accused Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar of corruption. He stated to his supporters that a dawn of PTI rule is rising.



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