‘Holy Grail’ of watches, French Crown jewel set for auction


GENEVA (AFP) – A brooch commissioned by a French empress, or perhaps an iconic watch considered the most complicated ever made entirely by hand?

The list of spectacular pieces on sale at Christie s and Sotheby s traditional autumn jewel and watch auctions in Geneva this week is long, with nearly $200 million expected to change hands.

Wealthy collectors from around the world have descended on the Swiss city for four action-packed days at the two competing auction houses.

Christie s kicked off the bidding frenzy Sunday with a special auction to mark 175 years of Patek Philippe watches, which saw 100 wrist and pocket watches go under the hammer for a total of $19,731,099.

That was double the original estimate, and set nine world records in the process, said Christie s, which raked in another $15 million on a second round of watch sales Monday evening.

Most exciting on the watch scene this week though is another Patek Philippe creation billed as the most famous and expensive watch in the world, set to go under the hammer at Sotheby s on Tuesday.

The auction house hopes to pocket a smooth $15 million for the celebrated timepiece known as the “Henry Graves Supercomplication” after its original owner, a New York banker who ordered it in 1925.

Weighing in at more than half a kilo, the gold open-face chronograph is comprised of 900 separate hand-crafted parts that took Patek Philippe five years to piece together.



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