Heavy weapons recovered from water tank in Karachi’s Azizabad


KARACHI – In another successful anti-crime crackdown, police have recovered a huge cache of weapons hidden inside an empty water tank in Karachi’s Azizabad area on Wednesday morning.

The weapons include rocket launchers, anti-aircraft guns, kalashnikovs, 9mm pistols and other latest weapons.

According to police, the action was taken on a tip-off from a detained suspect.

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest and richest city, home to the central bank and stock exchange, a major port and some of the most violent areas of the country.

Many of its sprawling slums are split along ethnic lines, and political parties have been accused of backing armed groups that have carved the city into spheres of influence, a charge they deny.

A Rangers-led targeted operation, launched in 2013, is credited with slashing Karachi’s murder and kidnapping rates.



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