Health crisis looming as Karachi, Lahore drug traders go on strike


LAHORE/KARACHI: Patients faced considerable difficulty owing to the strike by the Chemist Association due to which medical stores outside Lahore’s Mayo Hospital remained closed, on Monday.

According to details, the wholesale market and distribution of medical supplies in Karachi will also remain closed. The representative of the Chemist Association claimed that important decisions with regard to Sindh will be taken up in Lahore today.

In Lahore, a split has occurred between protesters involved in the selling and manufacture of medical drugs. The Retailers Association have decided to postpone their strike till February 20 after negotiations with the government whereas pharmaceutical companies are standing firm on the decision to protest against the Drug Act.

The Punjab Assembly had passed the Drug Act 1976 on February 8, 2017 according to which the sale of medical drugs which are below the acceptable standards will be punishable by imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 5 years and also a fine of Rs 1-5 million. If a qualified person is not available, then a fine of 500,000-50,00,000 could be imposed as well as imprisonment from 30 days-5 years.

According to the President of the Wholesale Chemist Association in Karachi, the wholesale market and distribution in Karachi will remain closed on Monday owing to the strike.



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