Hamza Shahbaz, Saad Rafique constituencies lack more than 100 ‘form 15’


ISLAMABAD  – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has submitted details of ‘form 15’ of at least nine National Assembly (NA) constituencies out of a total of 12 with additional ballots.

According to the details, Hamza Shahbaz’s constituency lacks 125 while Saad Rafique’s at least 101 form 15. At least 322form 15 out of 328 polling stations in constituency 21 Mansehra are available for examination. In NA-34, form 15 of as many as 275 polling stations have been found. Moreover, at least 98 form 15 of NA-43 are available.

At least 293 polling stations in NA-53 while 157 in NA-119 have the form 15. In NA-125, as many as 164 whereas in NA-171 273 polling stations have the form 15.

Earlier, the inquiry commission had rejected the details of ‘form 15’ provided by the ECP. The commission had further directed the elections authority to file the copies in shape of sets.



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