Gujranwala: 4 terrorists killed in CTD operation


GUJRANWALA – Crackdown against criminal elements continued across Punjab as four terrorists were killed in Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) operation in Aimanabad area near Gujranwala on Tuesday night.

The CTD on a tip-off that terrorists are coming to Lahore from Sialkot conducted an operation in Aimanabad area and shot dead four terrorists. One of the dead terrorists was identified as Abdur Rehman who belonged to Al Qaeda while the identity of the other three is not yet known.

The law enforcement agencies have also recovered a car, two rockets, hand grenades and explosive material from the dead terrorists.

On the other hand, police and intelligence agencies conducted joint operations in Multan and Gujranwala and apprehended 18 suspects, including two Afghan nationals. Arms were also recovered from them. The arrested persons were shifted to some undisclosed location for further investigation.



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