Four alleged gang-rapists killed in Multan shootout


MULTAN: Four alleged gang-rapists were shot dead in a shootout Friday night here in the Seetal Mari police station’s jurisdiction.

According to security officials of the area’s police station, five armed dacoits had entered Zulfiqar’s house — with another stationed outside as a lookout — with the intention to rob. Of those who entered, four had gang-raped his wife.

Two of those robbers — Ajmal and Ashraf — had been taken into custody and were being transported to identify their accomplices when the latter opened fire on the police mobile in order to help the arrested suspects escape detention.

An encounter ensued subsequently, with police officers shooting at the attackers in response. However, it was the accomplices’ bullets that killed the detained suspects, LEAs noted.

While the retaliatory gunfire resulted in two unidentified assailants being killed, three of their accomplices managed to escape by taking advantage of the nighttime.

Police have consequently commenced a search operation for the attackers who fled in the dark.



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