Flood warning issued in River Chitral


CHITRAL– Flood warning has been issued in River Chitral as the water level is increasing continuously,

The river has overflowed once again after 28 years due to which camp and connected areas have been evacuated.

The people are migrating from Moleen Gol to Chagor. The areas of Mostaj Abad, Faiz Abad, Moladh, Panji Kothi and Sabzi Mandi are feared to get affected from flood.

All the areas having a population of five to six thousand have been emptied by the Pakistan Army.

Besides this the headquarters of Chitral scouts have also been vacated whereas the young men have been moved to safe location.

Reportedly, three people have died and Chitral scouts headquarter has also been damaged partially. Moleen Gol’s area was also in flood in 1986.



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