FBR chairman places restriction on raids, harassment of taxpayers


ISLAMABAD – Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chairman Shabbar Zaidi has placed restrictions on raids on premises of taxpayers.

According to an FBR notification, prior approval of Member (IR-Operations) and the chairman will be required to conduct the raid. “If there are evidences of economic transaction(s) which are chargeable to tax and the organisation/entity is not a tax registered person then the officer will report it to the Member (IR-Operations) and Chairman FBR, who will provide necessary direction for future course of action,” said the notification.

The notification also prohibited the suspension from active taxpayers list unless there is personal interaction with CEO/owner of the business 24 hours before the suspension. The list of all such cases will be sent to Chairman FBR and Member (IR-Operations) with reasons for the suspension and evidence of personal interaction.

Secrecy in assets declaration

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chairman Shabbar Zaidi said the names of those who would benefit from amnesty scheme will be kept secret.

While responding to a question, Zaidi said the details of scheme would be available on the website of FBR soon. He said they are taking provincial governments into confidence in this regard.

Chairman FBR admitted that legal business in Pakistan is difficult adding that 5 years imprisonment on cards in benamai law. Zaidi said the ordinance will be uploaded on FBR site in Urdu too for the understanding of common man.

Zaidi clarified that no chance of extension in amnesty scheme and one must take advantage of this opportunity till June 30.


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