farogh naseem tips at invoking article 149 in karachi


law minister farogh naseem hinted on wednesday on the federation’s purpose to invoke article 149 (four) in karachi.

the minister said the time had come to impose article 149 (4) in karachi, given the deteriorating state of affairs of the megapolis. “neither does article 149 (4) speak of governor rule, nor of imposing an emergency,” naseem informed ary information.

“it’s miles an unbiased article, which says that the federal government has an executive authority beneath which it can difficulty directives to any provincial authorities, if there are problems touching on peace, tranquility and financial lifestyles,” he explained.

below article 149 (4), the executive authority of the federation shall additionally extend to the giving of instructions to a province as to the way wherein the govt authority thereof is to be exercised for the cause of stopping any grave menace to the peace or tranquility or monetary existence of pakistan or any component thereof.

the minister stated the people bear witness to karachi’s scenario during the last eleven years. “there is nothing there besides rubbish, shortage of water and flies.”

he said the centre expects resistance from the ppp on the imposition of the object, but, ruled out the belief that it threatens provincial autonomy. “they are our brothers and sisters. they may be very good humans and they may really whinge approximately each adequate factor,” naseem remarked satirically.

“it is their right and it should now not be snatched faraway from them,” he said.

he mentioned that the article become retained inside the 18th change. “if it changed into in opposition to provincial autonomy, then it have to have been excluded from the charter.”

the minister, however, declined to present information as to who would be chargeable for governing the megapolis after the enforcement of the item. “we will unfold it slowly and regularly,” he said.

previously, sindh governor imran ismail had stated that there have been too many government in karachi, because of which troubles have been no longer resolved. he had said that his celebration desired a unmarried authority in karachi. but, naseem clarified that the governor’s comments pertained to the team spirit of command and did not problem the imposition of article 149.

reacting to this news, sindh records minister saeed ghani said the federal authorities can not take over sindh. you can not impose article 149 on the premise of mere rubbish, he said, adding that if the centre desired to impose article 149, it have to accomplish that in punjab.

farogh naseem is a practical man or woman however sadly he is not a baby-kisser, said ghani, asking the federal government to forestall this drama of committees. he stated the mqm is being used by the pti.

ali zaidi has unfold rubbish all over karachi, stated ghani, including that if the prime minister were given to recognise what zaidi had performed underneath the smooth karachi marketing campaign, then he would be fired.


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